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  • CONVENIENT WIRELESS CHARGING WITH 1 MOVE: Forget about those irritating tangling charging cords that always seem to get in your way. Now you can finally charge EFFICIENTLY and FAST with just a single move. Simply place your Qi ENABLED DEVICE (e.g smartphone) on the WIRELESS CHARGING AREA at the base of the lamp and you ‘re ready to go. Make your life easier with this incredible, contemporary LED desk lamp, which is the future of lighting technology.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE: This amazing FOLDABLE black desktop lamp has a smart design that makes it COMPLETELY PORTABLE and allows you to take it everywhere. Use it indoors while you are working at your office desk, outdoors in the garden while you are relaxing and reading your favorite book or even in your RV while traveling (need to connect with AC charger). Adjust the arm and head angle to suit your needs and enjoy its SMOOTH, CLEAN, NON FLICKING LIGHT.
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS AND 4 COLOR TEMPERATURE MODES: This wireless LED desk lamp allows you to choose among 4 COLOR MODES and adjust the BRIGHNESS to suit your lighting needs. You can choose from a soft yellow light for your bedside table to a strong white light for your office desk. The WARM NATURAL LIGHT resembles incandescent and halogen light and is soft and pleasant to the eyes, NON FLICKING and GLARE FREE.
  • CUTTING EDGE LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY: This superior quality, ENERGY SAVING LED desktop lamp also features sleek TOUCH SCREEN BUTTONS, as well as a convenient TIMER POWEROFF and is ideal for casual reading, school studying, late night working at the office or even for detailed drafting work. Its ALUMINUM FRAME is durable and flexible, thus providing maximum illumination from a variety of angles. Included in the package is an AC charger and cable for your convenience.


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